SABIN - The Society of Friends of the National Library - was founded on 17 December 1985 as a non-profit civil society registered in the Ministry of Justice and the State Secretariat of Justice respectively as a Federal and State Public Utility entity.

SABIN has the following objectives:

  • To contribute to the patrimonial, technical and cultural improvement of the National Library Foundation (FBN);
  • To support the regular cultural and scientific activities of the FBN, as well as seminars, round tables, debates, cycles of talks, courses, meetings, encounters, lectures, exhibits, artistic spectacles, cinema projections, and the launching of books and publications;
  • To sign agreements geared to social ends with national and foreign public- and private-law entities;
  • To obtain from national or foreign public- and private-law entities subventions and endowments in money or works intended to meet the objectives of the Society.