Background information

In mid-2006, the SABIN, chaired by Dr. Paulo Marcondes Ferraz, proposed the first development Project of a new enhanced version of a set of computer software known as BIBLIVRE, focusing computerization of libraries of various sizes as well as promoting communication between them.

On the occasion, the proposal was approved by the Ministry of Culture, under the auspices of Law No. 8313/91 (the Rouanet Law on incentives for socio-cultural development), under the sponsorship of IBM Brazil.

BIBLIVRE was finalized during the leadership of Dr. Jean-Louis de Lacerda Soares, with the support of the COPPE/UFRJ, for the development of versions 1.0 and 2.0.

From its inception, the aim of the Project was to offer them at no cost to libraries wishing to use this technology in the arrangement presently known as free software. In view of this, the project was called Biblioteca Livre (Free Library).

Right from the beginning, the aim of the Project was to promote digital inclusion through library computerization by means of free software. In late 2006, the Itaú Group was acquainted with the social and cultural relevance of the project and decided to sponsor BIBLIVRE.