The program

BIBLIVRE places emphasis on the routines and sub-routines of the main procedures carried out in libraries, such as:

  • Searching and retrieving information;
  • Circulating through control of access for consultation, reservation, loans and return of copies from the holdings;
  • Cataloguing material concerning bibliography, multimedia and digital objects, including control of authorities and vocabulary, and transferring records between databases;
  • Controlling the process of acquiring new items for the holdings.

The administration interface of BIBLIVRE also allows managing the typology of the users, permissions to access and use the system, configurations of server Z39.50 and the characteristics of the program.

Maintenance of the system provides for re-indexing the databases and creating backup.

There is a list of pre-formatted reports available for printing or recording created by the system.

The program is without doubt a great technological contribution aligned with the philosophy of free software that has been gaining space against closed-code software.

BIBLIVRE also promotes digital inclusion, since many Brazilian public libraries are not equipped for information technology, for technical and financial reasons, and most of their end-users are not familiar with the resources of the technologies that exist today in the more modern libraries across the world.

Created in 2005, at present the program is in its 3.0.23 Version. To find out more about the development of BIBLIVRE, read background.

Click here to get to know the resources of the program and the pre-requisites for installation.